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Hi, I am Susan, a Poet and a Professor of Creative Writing and English Literature from Denver, CO. I have loved poetry since before I understood what it was. Rhythm, rhyme, phrases, metaphors, narrative, and images all piqued my ears and my curiosity. I studied English literature and writing in my undergraduate days but turned to mass communications for my first graduate degree. I began teaching high school English in 2001 (at the age of 45 after staying home with our two daughters and our son) and returned to poetry at Lighthouse Writers in Denver. 

It was there I found a course in verse forms of English poetry, what I had been seeking all along. That turned into many courses at Lighthouse and an MFA in Creative Writing Poetry from Western University in Gunnison, Colorado, in 2012. After earning the MFA I moved into higher education and have been teaching English literature, composition, creative writing and poetry at Colorado Christian University for nine years. 


In 2012 my poem “String Theory” appeared in Academic Questions-- a “real” journal. From 2013-2019, I served as Managing Editor of Think: A Journal of Poetry and Criticism. Beyond All Bearing dropped on January 1, 2018, and Learning the Secrets of English Verse (co-authored with David J. Rothman) is scheduled to drop in October of 2021 from Springer, Int. The art of teaching and writing is my calling and joyful challenge.

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